Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Heart of Scotland 100 result

Got back from Scotland 100 exped yesteday evening, Monday 31st May 2010. The result was that I retired at the 76 mile checkpoint after 34 and 3/4 hours of walking. I feel it was my best effort. At 76 miles I was very tired and my feet were sore, blistered and throbbing. I reached the checkpoint with only 10 minutes remaining before it closed. Not enough time to feed properly and recover for the next leg.
The countryside was spendid. The most memorable section was an eight mile leg which involved 2,200 ft of ascent and a yomp over rough moor land, with thick heather and marshy bogs, to reach a small bothy where there was a checkpoint with water and Mars bars.
I saw again Alan Stewart (right on photo), whom I met last year on the Wessex 100. Alan went on to finish again this time.
Next year the event will be called the Houseman 100 and will take place in the county of Shropshire. Just an hour or two down the road from me. After doing over 50 miles in Scotland I am now qualified (or certified) to enter Shropshire event.

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