Tuesday, 28 September 2010

At The University of Chester

Room 120 computer suit at Kingsway Building where we worked to day.

I am going through freshers week at the University of Chester. It is unlikely I will survive for long. The going is tough for me and I will try all I can to survive each day. As long as I try my best and tap into all avenues of personal and character strengths to survive another day I hope to have no regrets. In journalism today I discovered quite clearly that I am the grandfather of the class. Older than any one else by 19 years. I will do my best to fit. Wish me luck.

Friday, 24 September 2010


Cheshire Life is the most prestigious glossy magazine published about this county and its people. I have been waiting a number of months for the Lawrence article to be printed in Cheshire Life and now here it is. They have done a great job, particularly with the fact file on Lawrence and a mension of the TEL Society.


If anyone is curious to know, my former 'career' was lived out in the construction steel industry where I worked as a detail draughtsman from 1978 to 2001. We would draw the components of steelframed building. My first job was as a trainee draughtsman with a company called Joseph Parks & Son Ltd in Northwich. I was made redundant in 1984 when the company closed. There after untill 1996 I worked on a self employed basis with a company called Derron Engineering. From 1997 to 2001 and one I worked in Warrington for MDM Design & Management on the premises of Warrington Fabrications Ltd. That was the end of my time as a draughtsman. Since I have been a student and an amateur traveller and adventurer. As a student I have studied computer applications, business studies and recently social sciences. In steel had some smaller side clients and for them I was able to draw my details free hand. The above drawing of a roof rafter is an example of the kind of work I did.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I I keep a collection of correspondence and items from famous people. This letter came from the private office of the late King Hussein at the Royal Hashemite Court in Jordan. The writing paper is beautifully embossed by the Royal emblem of the Court. It was in reply to a modest but sincere Christmas card that I sent to the King in 1997. (Double click to enlarge for reading.)

LANZAROTE Hang gliding, Jocky Sanderson link

Regular readers may recall a mension to my 'Cheshire Winter 97 Hang Gliding Expedtion to Lanzarote'. During the preparation stage I attended a talk a pub in Leek given by the international, famous and leading Paraglider expert Jocky Sanderson. Jocky signed the event flyer and wrote an encouraging note. By the way, the photos of Lanzarote are on slide film so it will be along before they can possibly be transfered to CD and displayed here.

(Double click on the flyer to enlarge for reading.)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Making of the film 'Lawrence of Arabia' DVD

I found this interesting DVD about the making of the film 'Lawrence of Arabia' on ebay. I have yet to watch it, but in new condition at a cost of £1.89 I suspect it may be a bargain. Hope to watch it this week.
Thursday 23rd September:
I watch this DVD last night. It was quite roughly knocked together but it was a good watch. Interesting scenes of the filming of L o A plus career biographis of Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif and David Lean. I enjoyed watching this DVD.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

SIGNED PHOTO OF PM sold at auction - 21st Sept

Readers may remember from my JOG-LE bicycle trip earlier this summer of 2010 that I called at the office of the West Oxfordshire Conservative Association in Witney. I was given two signed photos of Prime Minister Rt Hon David Cameron MP. I lodged one of the photos with the Weaver Vale Association to be auctioned to raise money for the 'African Support & Assistance Project'. The auction took place at a big fund raising dinner on Saturday 18th of September and the photo sold for £110. The money will be split equally between the Party & ASAP.

Monday, 20 September 2010


The Oxford Backpackers, my lodgings during my time at the Lawrence Society Syposium 2010. I stayed in dormatory 11. I recommend this place, it is lively and has a relaxed atmosphere and is conveniently located near to the train station and also it is only a 10 minute walk from St John's College. £15 including a basic breakfast of cereal, bread and coffee.
St John's College, Oxford, venue of the 2010 T E Lawrence Society Symposium.
AW at St John's College

Oxford, a great cycling city.

Lawrence's Robes at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.
Jesus College
Society members at Jesus College
The Lawrence bust in the Chapel at Jesus College
The Fellow's dining room at Jesus College
The fireplace in Lawrence's room at Jesus College. Further photography in the room was not possible because it is in use by current students.

Society members in the dining hall at Jesus College.
Place setting at Jesus College, Oxford.
A blurred photo of the Lawrence portrait in the dining.
Society members gathered at St John's College.

Symposium colleagues. From the left Nigel McMurray, Maurice and Dave.
An evening expedition to 2 Polstead Road, the Lawrence family home.
The former City of Oxford High School. Lawrence's old school and home to a famous commemorative plaque which was originally unveiled and dedicated by Winston Churchill.

I have just returned from the splendid 2010 T E Lawrence Society Symposium at St John's College. I enjoyed this weekend very much, wallowing in Lawrence matters and the fellowship of Society colleagues. Off particular note was Friday's guided visit to Jesus College where members were shown Lawrence's old room and were given the opportunity to examine the Crusader Castle thesis manuscript. The thesis is a priceless document and I expect it would fetch a million pounds if sold. I touched the thesis.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

HANG GLIDING PHOTOS - Training in the Peak District circa 1992-1996

Training in the sport of Hang Gliding can be tough going, mainly due to the weather conditions in the UK. I attended the Peak School of Hang Gliding first in 1992 and it took untill 1996 to become qualified at Club Pilot level. However the first step is the Elementary Pilot award. EP takes five days of training. But those five days are usually broken over a long period while you wait for the light north-westerly winds which are needed for training at Wetton site in the Peak District. To cut a long story short I tenaciously hung in for four years to gain Club Pilot. Thanks goes to instructors Mark Booth, Trevor Ackroyd and John Clarke.

LAWRENCE LITERATURE - Recent additions

The Lawrence literature collection is steadily growing and now numbers about 20 publications. I will need to get another bookshelf soon. It will take a lifetime to read the collection + not forgetting other topics which interest me.