Tuesday, 29 June 2010

JOG-LE Reaches Londonderry (or Maiden City) - 29th June

The Londonderry Arms Hotel, once owned by Winston Churchill.

The beach of Ballycastle.
Wild camp in the dunes at Ballycastle.

The famous Carrick-a-rede rope bridge.

AW meeting with Ian Campbell, endurance cyclist extraordinaire. When we met he was on a 300 mile training ride from his home in Newcastle, just south of Belfast. Ian is training for the Race Around Ireland and the Crossing of America. A true hero indeed. See his website: http://www.teamimpossibledream.com/

The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland.

The Giant's Causeway.

The Giant's Causeway.

Night cycling from Coleraine. On the road at 2:30am.

The road to Londonderry.
Road sign politics, Londonderry/Derry/Maiden City.
The bridge over the Foyle at Londonderry.

JOG-LE cycling has reached the city of Londonderry after an early morning 60 km ride from the camp spot near Coleraine. I was on the road at 2:30am. I had a full cooked breakfast at a cafe here then checked into the Derry City Independent Hostel. It is an excellent lodging place. A good place for a short interlude. I will research politics and culture here in this once dangerous place where courage and cowardice has lived in equal measure.

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