Friday, 4 June 2010

ICELAND 2000 - Crossing of the Sprengisandur route

Iceland. My route is marked on faintly in orange. (double click on the map to enlarge)

Wild camping the whole way

Gullfoss, largest waterfall in Europe.

Sprengisander - road across the interior of Iceland

Godalfoss waterfall

This is a good indication of the fine weather and the road conditions.

Iceland was a long standing dream dating back about 15 years. My trip was over three weeks, straddling July and August, in the year 2000. I took a flight from Glasgow with Icelandair. I shared the flight with some Icelandic golf fans who had been over to watch the Open in Scotland.
There are not many people about in Iceland and sometimes I felt quite wretched with loneliness. But now, in reflection, it was a classic journey of which I am proud. I am steeled for such things now.
The best part was the crossing of the Sprengisandur road which crosses the centre of Iceland, through a glacial desert. I had to carry enough food to keep me going for upto six days. On the road there was a major river crossing. I had some old trainers with me to use in the rivers, so I could keep my normal trainers dry. The torrent was knee deep and strong flowing.
Amazingly for Iceland the weather was ideal for nearly all the trip. I only experienced a heavy drenching on the ride to the airport for my return flight.
The tent I used was a Dale Trekker Sombrero. I bought the tent in about 1980 for £30 and used it for over 20 years before the flysheet finally perished in 2004 on a trip to Kiev. For most of the time I just used the fly and a sheet of polthene on the ground to save weight. Fancy expensive tents are not necessary.

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