Wednesday, 30 July 2014



Still at the Matterhorn Hostel in Zermatt tonight.  Tomorrow morning, Thursday 31st August, I will go to the Monte Rosa hut to check out the snow conditions.  It is about 1,200 mts of ascent to the hut.  Wish me luck!

The Matterhorn in these conditions is out of the question.  It is freezing at 3,000mts and the Hornli ridge would be too wet and icy.  It would be brave to go even in dry condition.  At this time it is not worth going to the Hornli hut.



The Oxford Roof Climbers Rebellion, a play by Stephen Massicotte.  The Play is reaching its climatic stage, the T E Lawrence Society symposium at St Johns College in Oxford on the evening of Friday 26th of September 2014.  There is still some work to do.  I will be working with my friends at the St Peters Players of Wolvercote.  The Play at St Johns College in Oxford is a significant logistical challenge.  St Johns stage is much bigger that Wolvercote Village Hall *scene of the British premier of the Play in April*.  All the sets and props must be transported to St Johns and adapted to suit.  Hats off to the St Peters Players for taking on this bold challenge.

I saw the Play two times in April and I cant wait to see it once more.  Though I will be working as Front of House co-ordinator on the performance at St Johns.

Tickets costing 14 pounds for adults and 10 pounds for U16 and students can be reserved by phoning 01865 556128.  It will be a great night.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I am staying at the Matterhorn Hostel in the town of Zermatt this day 29th July 2014.  It seems just as I remember it from my visit of 1999.  Another place where I am familiar and can rest my head.  I am staying at this hostel for these two nights at a cost of about 70 Swiss Francs for bed and breakfast for two nights.  It is spartan but has everything needed.

In 1999 I was on the Matterhorn attempting to climb the Hornli Ridge to the summit.  I went about two hours above the Hornli Refuge before retreating due to stone fall and bad visibility.

Here I am again.  The weather forecast is not great for solo mountain travelling.  There is a lot of fresh snow in the high mountains and intermittent rain fall also.  Will see what happens.

I took a flight from Manchester to Geneva.  I arrived in Switzerland late in the evening and found a secluded spot in the Arrivals Hall and settled down to what was a good nights sleep for an airport.  Up at 7 am and boarded a train on route to Brig with me getting off at the junction of Visp.  I think I may have spent unwisely by getting a Swiss Transfer ticket in the UK.  It cost 96 pounds.  Maybe it would have been cheaper to buy tickets locally.