Friday, 18 June 2010

JOG-LE A personal record & a magnificent Stag -18th June

I have just reached Ullapool after cycling 65kms from my camp spot three miles south of Scourie. I now have about 300kms on the clock for the whole trip. I set a personal record, I began my days cycling at 3:15 am thanks to the light nights. The earliest ride ever.
I want to record a meeting with a Mr McCarthy, Headmaster of Scourie Primary School. I saw the school as I was passing and went to see if I would be allowed to use their computers. Mr McCarthy permitted this. He also generously donated to JOG-LE in aid of ASAP. I left one of my expedition flyers with him and suggested his pupils may like to follow my progress through Britain. I hope they do.
As I was cycling along early in the morning I spotted a number of Red Deer Does. Then to my great surprize and delight I encountered a magnificent Stag maybe 50 mts away. Sadly it bounded off before I could take a photograph.
At about 8:00am I stopped at a B & B to get breakfast. Here I met Sue Smith proprietor of the B & B and also the Highland School of Fly Fishing ;
Sue produced a fine breakfast of Cornflakes, Toast & Marmalade, Scrambled Eggs and coffee. Sue accepted no payment but instead she kindly made a donation to ASAP.
Now I am in Ullapool. I plan to stay at the Youth Hostel, clean up and find somewhere to watch the England v Algeria football match if it is possible.
If you would like to donate to JOG-LE in aid of ASAP please visit the webpage:

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