Thursday, 30 June 2011


I have finally devised a route and scheme for this expedition. It has taken 8 days of mooching and research. I will escape Washington by taking a train to a place called 'Point of Rocks' in Virginia. It should get me into the sticks and on route to the holy grail of Gettysburg. I feel at last I have found my feet. I just have to do a bit more adjusting to the bright hot weather. After Point of Rocks I go to Harpers Ferry then Antietam then Gettysburg before pushing south for reach and inviting objectives. :-))

Friday, 24 June 2011


Am still in Washington with its humidity. Yesterday I made the long hike to Arlington cemetery. Also visited Fords Theatre where Lincoln was shot. They have the actual gun used on display at the Theatre museum.

Everything here is a little more pricey than I had expected. Yeserday I survived on the hostel breakfast and a couple of hotdogs.

Today the Capitol and the Smithsonian Air & Space museum. 24th June 2011

Thursday, 23 June 2011


I am staying at the International Youth Hostel in central Washington. It is the most expensive hostel I have ever used at $40 per night. I will be staying 3 nights before attempting to escape the city. I may have to use a train to clear all the mad traffic and freeways which surround this city.

Today is a walking day, to do some sightseeing.

Thanks for the greetings Dougal, hope you are well.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Cycled through the night from home to the airport. It was not a good idea, I should have taken the train and slept at the airport. I have a middle seat on the flight Heathrow to Washington..not the best. Will just muddle along. Best wishes and love to all my friends 22/06/11

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


'The American Civil War Battle Fields Tour' has been on the table for most a year untill here it is. I booked a flight from Manchester via Heathrow to Washington gateway to the battlefields and sites in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, South & North Carolina and Georgia. As well as the sites there the Apallation Mountains which entice a visit. Washington itself is worth some days with Congress, Smithsonian, Fords Theatre, Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetry.
I am well packed, my carriage is the Dawes Karakum bicycle so eminently suitable to last years JOG-LE.
The big factor I dont know about is the traffic conditions and my ability to get about without too much hassle or cycling on freeways.
I am flying in the lap of British Airways luxury. Plan is to get to Washington Youth Hostel on the night of the 22nd and find a space waiting for me. May God help me.