Friday, 26 August 2011


Dougal, thanks for your comment and greetings. Things are fine, just taking bit of a rest. Washington was having a heat wave when I was there in June. Much too warm for long distance cycling. Sadly I didnt photo the trip very well so the photos are mainly of familiar Washington sights. I know Washington pretty well now though. The trip was a learning experience which I can regard as a rec for something more successful in the future.
I have recently done a short tour in Belgium where I visited Flanders WW1 battle sites and also stopped off in Brugge to visit a friend. I was maily wild camping as usual with one night at a backpacker hostel in Brugge.
I hope you are doing well with your geology studies.
Also my college has blocked blogger on its system so it is difficult to get time to upload lots of photos. When the mood takes I will pick up the blog again.
How are you doing? I am still working on the lines of getting on with Ramblers Holidays. I have ML and first aid and I am working to get group experience. It is a long road.
Best Regards