Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Dear Friends,

In Tanga I breakfasted on coffee, boiled eggs and a bun. My main meal for two days. The road to Lunga at the Tanz/Kenya border post was difficult. There is a new road under construction. Much sweat, dust, grime and filth with nothing for a westernized stomach to bear. I survived the two days on next to nothing + soda at any opportunity. I cant romanticize this road in any way. At the end of yesterday when I came to a guest house I have rarely felt so filthy and wretched. I immediately washed from a bucket, pouring water over my head from a jugg. It was a relief.

Today the tough journey ended in Mombassa when I checked into a fine hotel. All my clothes are dirty and in the wash.

It is very hot in Mombassa.

Best Wishes


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  1. Wow, it must be pretty tough because you've been on some other doozies of a trip!