Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Dear Friends,

I have found some space in Mombassa at a fine hotel just off Moi Street. Last few days has been tough. Grace took me to Wete where I was just in time to catch the last sailing dowh of the day (possibly week) to Tanga on the mainland. I arrived at the port literally with mins to spare. Cost a bargain at $16 for a place incl bike. A place is perhaps too grand a description. The sailing Dowh is just a wooden hull with a mast and a rudder. 20 mts long by about 6 wide. Beyond the crew my fellow passengers were a lady and her young daughter. Due to the rushed nature of my passage I had only a few small bananas with me. The guide book says 4 hours for the journey across Pemba Channel. I was on the Dowh for 17 hours in all. It departed at 11:00am on Sunday and arrived in Tanga at 1:00am where we tried to kip till morning on the deck.

Accomplishment: sailing for the first time ever.

Best Wishes


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