Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Dear Friends,

In my view the expedition has achieved:

1. Traveled to the so-called badlands of northern Kenya.

2. Met five Bishops of the Kenyan & Tanzania Synods of the Methodist Church.

3. Crossed the Equator 5 times.

4. Met the British Army at Nanuki

5. Drank blood with the Samburu.

6. Stroked a full-grown Cheetah

7. Delivered 10 speeches, short and off-the-cuff.

8. Cycled 250 miles in East Africa.

9. Seen Thompson Falls and held a Chameleon.

10. Been on Safari in Samburu National Park.

11. Seen 3 of the big 5 in the wild.

12. Been within 4 ft of the deadly Gabon Viper.

13. Crossed the Serengeti.

14. Climbed Kilimanjaro.

15. Set personal altitude record of 5,895 mts.

16. Broadcast from 4,600 mts in altitude.

17. Been named Baba Zhenia in northern Kenya.

18. Been named Andrew 'Chacha' in Tanzania.

19. Un-official adoption of my boys Kingsley, David and Gift Emanuel of St Mark's Methodist compound in Kisumu.

20. First ever visitor to the Tanzania Synod of the Methodist Church.

21. Playing volleyball with the kids of St Mark's Methodist Compound.

22. Possible, nay almost certain, only Englishman ever to summit Kili wearing sandals - summit and return.

23. ASAP T-shirt on summit of Kili.

24. Zhenia on the summit of Kilimanjaro.

25. Hoped for nomination for the 'Lawrence of Arabia Memorial Medal'.

26. Carried sword in real life.

27. Realised that the Ostrich can be ridden in reality in S.A. north of Cape Town. I will give it a go in the future, God willing.

28. Named Laiser of the Maasai.

29. Discussed religion and Islam with a devout Muslim person.

30. Discovered Emirates airways.

31. Followed in some of the footsteps of Wilfred Thesiger, greatest 20th century explorer.

32. Challenged fear and death in the face.

33. Met Mama Sarah Obama.

34. Traveled in black Africa.

35. Kept my word.

Best Wishes


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