Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Dear Friends,

This morning I went with Rev. Beatrice to the Impala Sanctuary. It was extraordinary. $15 to enter for a non-Kenya, 150 KNS for a national. It proved to be great value for money and time.

I saw two Ostrich close up, and I now know that my ambition to ride on an Ostrich is very much possible. Where and when, I am not sure. But, God willing, it will happen in Africa at some point in the future. I saw how powerful and strong they are. I think I could do it. I will have to undergo some training, but it is possible.

We saw Water Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Monkey etc. The highlight was going into the pen of the Cheetah and stroking their head and paw. There was two Cheetah. They were very relaxed, but you must keep them busy mentally. The Cheetah is the big cat of least danger to humans. We took photos and video.

Later we walked among Impala antelopes. Very beautiful animals.

A priceless outting for us to treasure in our memory.

Best Wishes


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