Friday, 24 February 2012

ROAD TO ZANZIBAR is beautiful

Dear Friends,

I have just reached Zanzibar. This morning I took the 3 hour ferry journey from Dar es Salaam. I reached Zanzibar just like I told you I would do. It is beautiful here. Just been here in Stone Town for one hour. It is so laid-back after the madness of cycling into Dar city centre from the bus station. First job: communications. Second job: find lodging. Third job: eat. Ive barely eaten for two days.

After Zanibar I will ferry to Pemba Island and devote time to finding a sailing Dowh to Tanga on the mainland.

Yesterday evening in Dar was troublesome. I went to the YMCA but they were full with idiot tourists and so forth. I went to the Holiday Inn across the road but they want $180. It was nearly dark when a taxi driver took me to my Godly appointed lodging house. I paid 28,000 Tanz shillings. About $18. There was no electricity in the room. But it was a room. Showered for first time in ages.

I will now set to photographing the town.

Best Wishes

Andy (Uncrowned King of Africa - more to follow).

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