Sunday, 12 February 2012


Dear Friends,

Today, Sunday 12th February 2012, I crossed the Serengeti National Park by bus to arrive in Arusha town. The bus ride began in Musoma at 5:30 am and took 12 and a half hours. The journey was broken by a few 10 min stops to enhance the coffers of the National Parks service. $50 entry fees per Park were added to the bus ticket price. On route a tyre punctures and the bus people spent one hour changing it. I survived the ride with only a packet of biscuits and a can of Cole.

There were many wild animals to be seen. This included my first Wilderbeest. Stupidly I was dozing when there was a Lion to be seen. Many Zebra, Elephant, Giraffe. Antelope and Ostrich. I am getting used to see animals in the wild now. The Maasai I have seen so far are not as impressive as the Samburu. Will see.

Tomorrow I will set out to cycle to Moshi town.

Best Wishes

Andy 'Chacha'

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