Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Dear Friends,

I have arrived at my base in Moshi. It is the Keys Hotel. Very fancy colonial tropical style with swimming pool. Luxury for me. I will stay here tonight and also the night of the 21st when I return from Kilimanjaro. I hope, God willing, I can return with the prize of the first of the Seven Summits and a personal altitude record. If I reach the summit I will claim 1,000 mts higher than I have ever been before. I will take with me the ASAP T-shirt for the summit photo, God willing.

Later I must meet with two South African fellow climbers who will, along with the guide and porters, comprise the team.

I got some new sandals to use on the pre-snow approach trek.

Best Wishes


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  1. Andy,
    Good luck on Kilimanjaro.
    Re"Uncrowned King of Africa may bag the remaining two of the big five.Lion and cheetah.I already have buffalo,elephant and rhino."Cheetah isn't one of the big five,it's leopard.Lion,leopard,buffalo,elephant and rhino.
    Re"Objectives in Tanzania.11.To cycle in Dar es Salaam and so bag another capital city."Dar es Salaam hasn't been the capital of Tanzania since the 1970s.It's Dodoma.
    John B.