Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Dear Friends,

I could be out of internet for next day or so. Will be setting out at 5:30 am Thursday (East Africa time) to get to the Tanzania border post. Then I will be traveling as a free spirit on the road again. I will have about 3 weeks or so in Tanzania. Objectives in Tanzania:

1. To log Tanzania as a new country to me
2. To clock up some bicycle miles
3. To cross the Serengeti
4. Maybe visit Ngorongoro Crater
5. To meet the Masai warriors in their true surroundings
6. To make contact with Wild Frontiers Ltd.. on the ground
7. To attempt to climb Kilimanjaro via the 'Whiskey' route.
8. To have a slug of Whiskey on the summit
9. To broadcast from the summit.
10. Possibly to cross the Masai Steppe, maybe
11. To cycle in Dar es Salam and so bag another Capital city
12. To reach Zanzibar by ferry.

Best Wishes


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