Friday, 24 February 2012

KING of COOL wandering in ZANZIBAR

Dear Friends,

I am having a leisurely afternoon strolling in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Just had Octapus and chips with bananna and apple smoothie. Goodness, this expeditioning is tough. The sea is turquoise. The sand is white. Maybe I will look for a bit of clear beach with some palm trees, roll out my bivi-bag and endure the night.

Still a lot of afternoon to go.

Best Wishes

Andrew in paradise.

ps. Tomorrow I will try to reach Pemba Island. Apparently there are less of the rif-raf over there. Will see. Ferry 7:00am. Then cycling on Pemba and hunt for sailing Dowh to Tanga on the mainland. 3 day bike ride to Mombassa. Charitable project. Train Mombassa to Nairobi. Will see.

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