Saturday, 11 February 2012


Dear Friends,

Yesterday, Friday 10th, I cycled from Tarime to within 18kms of Mosoma. Daylight defeated me and I thought it best to call it a day at the first opportunity of a wild camp. My idea was to wait out the night in my gortex bivi-bag. In these warm conditions it is comfortable to use sans sleeping-bag.

I found an enticing Lake, maybe 175 mts in circumference. One or two people milling about collecting water in their buckets. I pushed the bike around the Lake to a secluded spot, I thought. However I soon drew a crowd of 20 or 30 people who oggled me as I ate some malt loaf. I met english speaker Edward. One lady wanted to know if I was a 'Witch Doctor'. She was concerned I may 'do something to the water'.

Edward advised me of a local guest house and led me to the village. I checked in for $4 for the night. I bought a Tusker beer for myself and one for Edward.

The whole day I had eaten on a little bread, banana and biscuits. I was kept going by numerous sugary sodas along the road. The road was up and down. The highlight was crossing the bridge over the MARA river. I saw a couple of log canoes on the bank. The MARA is one of the two rivers crossed by the mass migration of the Wilderbeest.

Before going to bed I was caught on the hop when I was asked if I wanted company for the night.

Best Wishes


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