Monday, 6 February 2012


Dear Friends,

I have been in Kisum some days now awaiting the fabled and mystic Cargo boat to Tanzania. I will give it to Wednesday morning to appear. It is 5:30pm Kenya time, Monday 6th feb 2012.

Tomorrow we will go to the Impala Park where I should be able to bag the remain two of the big five...Lion & Cheetah. I will see the tame Impala.

When I leave Kisumu I must move quickly and without delay across northern Tanzania. I must travel fast by whichever means. I give two days max in the Serengeti and thence on to Kili. Thankyou Michael of RWWHs for the info re the Kili routes. God willing, I will avoid the Coca Cola route and take the Whiskey route instead. It seems much better to me.

The children of the St Marks Methodist compound in Kisumu love me. I got them a football yesterday, a big bottle of Sprite and some simple cakes. It was a joy to see their smiles. Prince Harry..why do you spend 500 pounds on cocktails for an evening at the night clubs?

Best Wishes to my true Friends


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