Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Dear Friends,

It is 10:50 am Kenya time, Wednesday 1st February 2012. This is Andrew Wright broadcasting from Kerichio in the highlands of western Kenya. Another warm day beckons. The conditions are idea for cycling. I have just cycled into town, 11 kms from Rev. John's mission station home. I have been staying with Rev. John, his wife Stella and their three small children. Their welcome and hospitality has been wonderful. I will miss being with them. The people of the countryside are so friendly. The children of the school, where I spoken yesterday, came to the track and waved and smiled to me.

Here in Kericho town I must buy some new earphones. Music is good for morale.

Will be pushing on to Kisumu later today. Fingers crossed I will meet Grandmother Obama on Thursday.

Best Wishes


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