Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Dear Friends,

God willing I can attempt to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro at 5,800 mts. Highest peak in Africa. Highest free standing peak in the world. One of the fabled seven summits. I will try my hardest to reach the top. It will be tough, it will be painful, it at times will be agony. I know these feelings well. I do not fear them. God willing I will go for that summit and set a new personal altitude record. Breaking the record by 1,000 mts.

I hope to go to the summit with a fine company called WILD FRONTIERS Ltd. of Joburg, South Africa. With thanks to Michael H. at my company of RAMBLERS WORLDWIDE HOLIDAYS of Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City in the UK.

My attempt will be from the Tanzania side on a route known popularly as the 'Whiskey' route. It is the most scenic route on Kili. Maybe, I can broadcast by mobile phone from the summit, God willing, we will see.

Will reach northern Tanzania tomorrow by noon. There are many challenges still to face before Kili is reached. I pray God is with me and He will guide me to The Way.

Best Wishes


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