Saturday, 28 January 2012


Dear Friends,

With my very ears I once heard come from the mouth of Rt Hon ? George Osbourne MP in 2001, I believe, that he said he had visited the third world that he had been out on patrol with the Cheshire Constabulary. Mr Osbourne, I have visited the third world too, I have tramped in the third world in Nepal, in India, in North Africa, in the Middle East, in the poorer areas of East Africa. From your privileged vantage you have nothing to offer. Mr Osbourne I spent 10 years patrolling the streets and town centres of Northwich & Winsford, with the Cheshire Special Constabulary, while you were tucked up in your bed in your fancy house. I stood at 2 am in freezing conditions in the town centre of Northwich. Mr Osbourne you have nothing to offer. Mr Osbourne you take a 5% pay cut and expect us to admire you. In this country decent working men & women are taking 25% cuts. You would be greater heard if you walked the walk. Mr Osbourne you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You know nothing of what it is to struggle. Go to where your like belong.

Best Wishes to my true friends


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