Monday, 16 January 2012


Dear friends,

As you can see I am making new friends all the time. Here is a photo with one of the very beautiful Emirates stewardesses. I am now a big fan of Emirates. God willing, they can take me anywhere on my globetrotting expeditions in the future. Their service is superb. They take bicycles for free. They also have a service to Durban which I hope to use.

I am now in the safe hands of the Kenyan people. They will not let me down, I know it now for sure. They are very handsome people. I think we will grow to love each other over the coming weeks.

I am staying at a good guest house near to the airport. In the morning I will meet my friend Zippy, manager of the guest house. I will then go to the city centre and visit the offices of a big national newspaper, get refreshments and then I will get a bus direct to Marsabit or just as far as Meru. If I go to Meru I will stay the night with Rev. Duncan,s brother before going to Isiolo and catching a bus on to Marsabit in the north.

Best Wishes

Andrew (would-be King of Africa).

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