Thursday, 26 January 2012


Dear Friends,

Today I set forth from Nanyuki to Nyahururu. It is 90 kms away. Its a hot day so I may not reach there by night fall. Will see. After Nyahururu I will take a matatu to Naivasha and try to find Lord Delamere. Then I will be on route to Nakuru, then Kericho where there are tea farms and then on the Kisumu on Lake Victoria. Kisumu is the ancestral home of President Barak Obama. His Grandmother lives in an area of Kisumu, know as Kogero. God may allow me to meet her.

Best Wishes


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  1. Hi Andy,
    Why not take some low resolution mobile phone pictures for the purposes of uploading pictures onto your blog.They'll be much smaller and more suited to the slow computer links your encountering.
    Good Luck,