Friday, 27 January 2012


Dear Friends,

My cycling in Kenya has now passed the modest 100km barrier. Next target is one hundred miles and so on. I began serious cycling yesterday. I set off from Nanyuki in direction of Nyahururu in company with my friend Bishop John of Nanyuki. John had a single speed heavy duty African bike but he led the pace. John kindly cycled with me for 35kms. We had lunch of sweet pineapple, the real thing. Crossed 20 kms of farm land of a weather road before reaching the tarmac. I gave John water and a little money to get him home to Nanyuki. When I reached the tarmac there were some farm workers, one took great gulps from my water bottle and then offered me a woman. I had to decline the offer.

After the initial prospect of staying at a lodge for 2,000 Shillings I found a motel room for 200. I had a clean room and hot water.

We now have links in Kisumu and the glimmer of a chance to meet Grandmother Obama. Will see. That is days away. I now have a generous line of contacts within the Kenyan Police Service.

I still have 50 kms to cycle today to reach Nyahruru. It is fine here.

Best Wishes



  1. Sounds like quite an adventure. I love travelling by bike, and it's gotten even easier since I got a folding bike, since it means that not only can I ride, but I can also hop in the back of a truck or on a bus if I need to. Good luck with you trip!

  2. Hello Chris,

    What country are you from? Is your fold up a Bike Friday by any chance? Are you in the USA? My good friend Wai Sing of Canada & Singapore has a Bike Friday.

    Best Wishes

    Andy W.