Thursday, 19 January 2012


Dear Friends,

I am back in Isiolo after a daring mini expedition to Archers Post seeking the British Army. Instead of the British Army I found the Samburu tribe. The Samburu are semi nomadic now living by cattle and goat herding. They are the most beautiful people. With them I am now a hero in Archers Post. I have friends among the Samburu.

I drank blood and milk with the Samburu. They drew the blood from a goat's neck before my very eyes. The goat lives.

I saw the little children of the Samburu in their school house and sat in on their maths lesson. In the future it would be great to help the children of the Samburu, they are very poor materially but rich in spirit and goodness.

I am now in Isiolo. Tonight I will take a bus to Marsabit. A 10 hour ride. Maybe I will find evidence of Wilfred Thesiger in Marsabit. Will see.

After Marsabit I will come back to Isiolo by bus. Then with the Methodists I will arrange a short safari into Samburu National Park.

After the safari I will go to Nanuki to visit the British Army HQ and to stand on the Equator line. This before pushing on to Kisumu to get a cargo boat down Lake Victoria to Tanzania.

Best Wishes



  1. I feel sorry for the goat! Have a stiff word with them and insist that they cease this barbaric custom!

  2. Can you put some pics in your blog?