Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Dear Friends,

I am safe in the good hands of Bishop Joseph and his colleagues in Isiolo of the Methodist Church.

My day started in Meru with a four mile walk in the company of my new friend Lawrence Ibuuri, brother of Rev. Duncan of Northwich.

We had breakfast then we went by car in search of Monkeys and Elephants on the road north of Meru. Sadly we found no Monkeys or Elephants. It was too early for the Monkeys and we found only Elephant dung by the road. On the journey we stopped and I sampled maize beer and khatt leaf.

Then I cycled 25kms to Isiolo where I met the Methodist bishops and leaders. We had lunch together. I did some filming and photographing.

We then drove out into the bush where I met the Turkana and the Somali tribes people. I adore the little children of Africa and they love me too. I am admired here and I love the people back.

God has given me courage in abundance and hope to use it for the common good in times to come. I was born to make this very journey and to meet these great people in East Africa.

Tomorrow evening at 8.00pm I will take a night bus to Marsabit, an eight hour journey.

The weather conditions are ideal.

Best Wishes


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