Sunday, 1 January 2012



1. Taxi from home to Manchester airport Terminal 1. Fly to Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta airport with Emirates on 15th Jan

2. Arrive Nairobi at 19:15 hrs, collect bicycle, and to be met by driver from 'Nairobi Airport Stop Over House'. Guest house Tel No. 254 722 787 182 Stay at guest house for the night of 16th Jan.

3. Find bus station for direct bus to Marsabit in northern Kenya.

4. Reach Marsabit. The great 20th Century explorer Wilfred Thesiger spent a long time in the Marsabit area in his later years, living among the Samburu tribe. Possible meeting with the Methodist Church in Marsabit (no exact contact at the moment). Possible meeting with the British Army who have a camp in the area. Northern Kenya is an arid area confounded by drought and famine. There is also the 'Turkana' tribe in the area.

5. Start cycling south on the main road. If there is no food or water I may take a lift on a bus or private truck. Will see.

6. Reach the Equator. Stand with one foot in both hemispheres.

7. Move south and then west. Mt Kenya National Park area.

8. Cross the Aberdare mountains by bicycle.

9. Move west to Lake Victoria.

10. Cross into Tanzania by one of two road crossing points. Or, take ferry down Lake Victoria from Kenya to Tanzania.

11. Cross Serengeti National Park, probably by bus. It is unlikely that the park rangers will allow me to cycle across the Park.

12. Move east towards Kilimanjaro.

13. Possible climb Kilimanjaro. Mt. Kili. is over 5,000 mts high. The guide fees to climb the mountain are $500. It will take at least five days for the trek if I go ahead.

14. Move toward Dar es Salam.

15. Travel among the Masai tribe.

16. Ferry from Dar es Salam to the fabled island of Zanzibar.

17. Possible ferry to Pemba Island.

18. Ferry to Mombassa in Kenya.

19. Make contact with the Methodist Church of Northwich charitable project near Mombassa. My contact is from Rev. Charles Makonde (UK tel: 01606 44613). The contact is Hero Ole Saitoti, a young Masai tribesman. His local phone no. is: 0711561041. The Project and time in Mombassa will probably be two or three days.

20. Take the night train from Mombassa to Nairobi. Travel second class.

21. Reach Nairobi and do some sight seeing.

22. 11th March take Emirates flight EK722 to Dubai and thence on to Manchester to reach there on the 12th March.

23. Cycle or take train home to Northwich.

24. Hero's reception in Northwich for AW ;-).

25. Meet with JR for de-brief of Equator Expedition.

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