Saturday, 28 January 2012

ROSS - A DRAMATIC PORTRAIT in anticipation

Dear Friends,

In June 2012, God willing, we are going to witness something quite amazing in Northwich. The people of Northwich will come to know of one of Britain's greatest sons. T E Lawrence, 'Lawrence of Arabia'. It is my hope that people will flock from miles around to see this marvelous tribute to a great man. If he were alive today, with the aid of the E-mail and the mobile telephone, he would quite simply come to dominate the very World itself. We honor and treasure the dear memory of Lawrence. Come to see 'Ross - A Dramatic Portrait' at Northwich Memorial Hall in June 2012. Opening night Tuesday 19th June 2012.

Ticket Prices:

Adults 7.50 pounds

Concessions 5.50 pounds.

Best Wishes


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