Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Dear Friends,

I am safely in Meru town after a six hour bus journey. I have landed in the finest country it has ever been my pleasure to visit. I am photographing like mad. God willing, I will make Northwich proud in East Africa. I am staying with Lawrence, brother of Rev Duncan, here in Meru.

Tomorrow I will cycle to Isiolo. I will meet monkeys for the first time. This place is a joy. They love me here and I love them too.

Nest day I will try to get a bus to Marsabit and achieve glory.

I have been here barely 24 hours and already I have been in the national papers and 30 mins ago I stood on the Equator for the first of two times on this Expedition.

Best Wishes


1 comment:

  1. Monkeys OK - but watch out for baboons - they'll steal ANYTHING and can be aggressive.