Saturday, 21 January 2012


Come unto me little children of Africa. I love you and I think you love me too.

Today I am in Marsabit in northern Kenya. My visit to Marsabit has been hosted by Benson and Mworia of the Methodist Church. They have been very kind to me.

I am lodging at the Nomads Trail Hotel. Great value at 1,200 shillings for B & B. It is centrally located near to the bus station.

We went on safari in the outlying districts. We visited to Catholic Mission on the hill above town. I became a preacher and Sayer of prayers for the first time.

We then went 10kms to the north on the road to Moyale to see a great Crater and to do some filming.

Before returning to Marsabit we handed out some biros to the little children of the road.

I set out on the 8 hour bus ride to Isiolo at 8:00 am tomorrow morning.

The bandit problem in northern Kenya is much overdone. There is only inter tribal fighting over water and livestock issues. I have felt totally safe in northern Kenya and I would advise that travel here is not a problem.

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