Sunday, 22 January 2012


Dear Friends,

The bus just got into Isiolo from Marsabit. An 8 hour wonderful journey through the arid lands of the north. I once again met the Samburu tribes people. They are so beautiful and handsome.

I saw camels :-). Many camels :-). I will come here again to go camel trekking. I will be 'Lawrence of Arabia' or 'Andrew of Kenya', as of my dreams. I can get a camel or two for perhaps 150 pounds sterling each.

The journey from Marsabit was 280 kms. Mostly on gravel & sand. I think I can cross the Serengeti or maybe the Masai Steppe by bicycle. God willing.

Now I will go to my friends at the Methodist Church in Isiolo.

Best Wishes


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