Wednesday, 7 July 2010

OURTOWN is out on the streets - 7th July 2010

The great Ourtown magazine has been published. It is a free magazine about Northwich life. In this July issue of the magazine my story of past exploits is outlined. Thanks to editor John Buckley. (double click on the pages to enlarge for reading).
A great coincidence occurred last night at the Bowling Green quiz in Northwich. I was making a collection for JOG-LE in aid of ASAP when a fellow asked if I was Andrew Wright. "Yes" I replied. At which he introduced himself as no other than John Buckley, editor of Ourtown. In the time I have been working with Ourtown I had never met him. John has been attending the quiz all the time I have been going and I never knew who he was.
If you would like to donate to JOG-LE in aid of the 'African Support & Assistance Project' please visit the fund raising web page: Thankyou

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  1. I see that this article is the first part and will be continued in next month. Well done.
    You'll soon be famous in Pickmere!