Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Local Lawrence link passes away - 7th July

This article appeared in todays Knutsford Guardian, reporting the death of Reg Holmes, a friend of T E Lawrence. To think I was considering a trip to California to follow a Lawrence link when Reg Holmes was on my doorstep. Its a funny world. (double click on the article to enlarge for reading).

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  1. Hate to say this but I've never heard of the chap and looking at his life history I can't see how he can have met TEL. It is possible of course, but almost everyone who walked within a few yards of Lawrence has claimed friendship. I'd need a bit more evidence.
    It's like 'Lawrence's watch and compass' versions of them are always coming up for auctions with some very dubious dedications. Recently there was a cigarette lighter which surfaced. Strange as Lawrence was a non smoker!
    Sorry to be so cynical.