Tuesday, 13 July 2010

JOG-LE Libraries and A White Horse in the Mist - 13th July

I have reached Old Town, in south Swindon. I am at the excellent small community library here. The one member of staff and the users have been very hospitable to me. The Friends of Old Town Library have, for the past couple of years been active as the 'Save Old Town Library Campaign' and intend to save their own library and others like it. Their campaign has branched out to encompass all community libraries around the country. It is a fine and worthy cause which I commend. Their web site, with links to all the latest news on the national problems besetting the library service, can be viewed (using Internet Explorer) at: www.friendsofoldtownlibrary.co.uk
Shirley Burnham, who leads the campaign says "I ran into Andrew in Old Town Library this morning, whilst I was exchanging some books for my elderly mother. Because he was having difficulty accessing his e-mails, I decided to kidnap him and take him home. This is one of the benefits of a small, local library -- there are individuals there to meet and get to know (and, sometimes, kidnap). I am going to sponsor Andrew and put a link to his blog on our website. If you love your community library, please get involved and stick up for them and the excellent library assistants on the front line whenever and however you can !"

This morning I was on the road at 5.00am. I visited the Uffington White Horse in a cloudy mist, before pushing on towards Swindon and Old Town.

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