Tuesday, 20 July 2010

JOG-LE Reaches Plymouth - 20th July

Crossing Dartmoor.
Famous 'Post bridge', Dartmoor.

Entrance arch to Dartmoor Prison.
Dartmoor Prison museum.
Dartmoor pony.
Cycle track on the route to Plymouth.
The pilgrim steps, Plymouth.

I lose track of the number of days I have been away but the dates never leave me. I have reached Plymouth after a day of appauling weather. It has rained almost continuously. I decided to abandon my plan to wild camp on the outskirts of this city and instead I am staying at the Globe Backpackers for £15.00. This is a city brimming with history and sights to see. I saw the steps at which the Pilgrims Fathers stopped on route to American, the same place where the Tolpuddle Martyers arrived on their return. Tomorrow I will follow up the Plymouth Lawrence links at Mountbatten. It will involve a ferry ride and some mooching about.
Earlier in the day I visited Dartmoor Prison. Here I learned a lot about the nature of prisons. Dartmoor Prison is over 200 years old. Built in 1809 to house prisoners of the Napoleonic Wars and also the American War of I think 1812. Eammon De Valera of Southern Ireland was also a prisoner at Dartmoor for a while.
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