Sunday, 11 July 2010

JOG-LE Triumph at 2 Polstead Road, Oxford - 11th July

No 2 Polstead Road, home of the family of T E Lawrence.

No 2 Polstead Road.
Lawrence's bungalow.

Lawrence's bungalow.

The window, Lawrence's bungalow.

Lawrence's bungalow.

My objective achieved at 12:15pm on this day the 11th July 2010. I have visited the Lawrence family home at No 2 Polstead Road. I met the current resident since 1966, a Mr T Phillips. Mr Phillips directed me to the rear garden to allow me to view Lawrence's bungalow from the outside (see photos). I will write to Mr Phillips so that he can record my name in the visitors book. I am very happy to have made this special visit and to have met Mr Phillips.

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