Saturday, 17 July 2010

JOG-LE Homage at Clouds Hill - 16th July

Bovington tank museum. Challenger one tank, used in the Kuwait war (1st Gulf War).

Memorial statue, Bovington.

The Lawrence Trail.

Lawrence motorcycle accident site stone.

Accident site, on the road from Bovington to Clouds Hill.
The road from Bovington to Clouds Hill.

First sighting of Clouds Hill cottage.

Clouds Hill.

AW at Clouds Hill, 16th July 2010.
Garage/information room at Clouds Hill.

AW at the door of Clouds Hill cottage, a happy photo indeed.

View from the music room at Clouds Hill cottage.
View from the window, Clouds Hill.
The skylight, Clouds Hill.

The Lawrence Trail, Dorset.
The ford on the river Frome, Moreton.

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