Sunday, 25 July 2010

JOG-LE VICTORY in the UK - 25th July

I crossed the line at 11:15am this morning, 25th July, after over 1,400 miles of cycling. I am chuffed, to say the least. This trip has dwelled in my mind for decades. Now it is reality. I hold the UK in the palm of my hand, just briefly.
I was on the road at 4:15 am, on the Lizard Peninsular, to reach Helston and then on the A394 to St Micheal's Mount. The causeway to the Mount was submerged by the sea and a desire to wait for the low tide, at noon, did not exist. Had a light breakfast at a hotel. I pushed on beyond Penzance to the hilly roads to Lands End. At the Lands End I passed all the attractions to reach the finger post. Took digital photos with my camera and I also paid £9.95 for a professional photo inside the fingerpost barrier. A bargain, now, I feel.
I am blogging at the YMCA in Penzance. Will go into town to research trains home for tomorrow, and then will find a wild camp for tonight.
Photos to follow when the opportunity arises.

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