Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I am staying in the familiar suroundings of the Ski Chalet Refuge at the base of the Telecabin de Planpraz in Chamonix. The Rufuge is unchanged since I was last here in 2003. Everything that is except the price which has jumped from 8 Euros to 14.5 Euros per night. This morning I took the 8:15am bus from the campsite in Argentiere. Maybe it wont be so lonesome at the Refuge when compared with the campsite. This is unlike a bicycle trip, when usually I am never lonely. Bicycling is my prefered modus operandi. I have checked into the Refuge for three nights but may stay longer. My schedule is now only dictated by a date of the 7th September when I will meet up with a friend, Lilu, from grape picking last year. I will meet Lilu in Annecy.
In Argentiere I made the strenuous hike up to the Argentiere Glacier view point. I am far from fit. I had a slightly wheezy chest and a bad stomach. But along with the weather my condition has perked up.

It is unlikely that I will be able to upload any photos during the course of this trip. I have joined the public library in Chamonix but uploading photos is not possible.

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