Wednesday, 11 August 2010

MATTERHORN - 1999 - more photos

The traffic free Zermatt streets.
Zermatt cemetery where the graves of Edward Whymper's 1865 ill fated party members can be visited.
Assorted bus and train tickets from the Matterhorn expedition.
The Matterhorn viewed from Zermatt.
On the Hornli ridge, the going is difficult. It was here that I came close to being killed by dangerous stonefall. A rock the size of a fist came down and flew past only five feet from my head. I didnt have a helmet. It was this that made me decide, wisely, that it was time to retreat.
Hornli ridge looking down on the Refuge.
Balcony of the Hornli Refuge.
Camping on the trail back to Zermatt.
My gear.
Camp site companions.
A pretty stream on the walk back to Zermatt.

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