Tuesday, 17 August 2010


On the 8th May 1990 I flew to Toronto to begin a marathon whistle stop tour of American and Canada using a Greyhound Ameripass. The Ameripass is an invitation to masochists. Try riding 48 hours on a cross country bus. Still saying that it a fine way to see the country and people. My route was as follows:
1. Toronto.
2. Flagstaff for Grand Canyon.
3. San Francisco.
4. Seattle.
5. Vancouver.
6. Denver.
7. Washington.
8. Philadelphia.
9. New York.
10. Montreal.
11. Quebec.
13. Kingston.
14. Niagara Falls.
15. Toronto.
It is okay to do a trip like this once when you are young. But not again. The long bus journeys are too much. High lights of the trip:
A. Grand Canyon.
B. San Francisco: Cable Cars; Alcatraz; Crossing golden Gate Bridge listening to the Beach Boys.
C. Bar in Seattle.
D. Visiting sister of friend in Vancouver.
E. The cool hostel in Denver.
F. The museums in Washington.
G. Liberty Bell, Philadelphia.
H. Niagara Falls.

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