Tuesday, 17 August 2010

SHROPSHIRE 100 - 1995 a one & only completion

The Shropshire Hundred of May 1995 was my first LDWA 100 and my only completion to date. I was inspired, encouraged and driven along by my walking companion of the day, Jim Strother of Ambleside. Jim was over 65 years old, or so, at the time. It was a punishing walk of 44 and a half hours, including the passage of two full nights of walking. At times when tiredness lay at its worse I was almost asleep on my feet. I walked with terrible blisters, some of which were broken and raw. I dont think I could face such pain again. I was a cripple for about two weeks before recovering. (Double click on the certificate to enlarge for reading.)

Other 100 results:

Mid Wales 100 (2007) : Retired 57 miles, blisters & exhaustion.
Yoredale 100 (2008): Retired 90 miles, timed out & exhausted.
Wessex 100 (2009): Retired 94 miles, totally exhausted.
Heart of Scotland 100 (2010): Retired 76 miles, arrived too late at checkpoint to allow for recovery time.

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