Tuesday, 31 August 2010

ANNECY - Tuesday 31st August

I am relocated to Annecy. I arrived yesterday on the train from Chamonix routed via St Gervais and La Roche. I will pass a good number of days here so I hope I grow to like it. First impressions are good. Discounting the first task of lugging my backpack to the Municipal Camping 2 or 3kms from the train station. I can now clearly see that it would have been a beast of a job to carry all this stuff to the Hornli Hut. The Municipal Camping is fine. The weather is good too.

I have become a temporary member of the Public Library in Annecy. It is free to do so.

I have a couple of books still to read. One is a collection of newspaper articles by Jeremy Clarkson. It is good easy and enjoyable reading. The other book is called 'Sapphire' by that renowned and brilliant 'author' Katie Price. I found this unread paperback book on a train a few weeks ago, where someone had forgotten it, or accidentally forgot it on purpose.

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