Friday, 20 August 2010

European Expedition is under way

I have just reached London on route to Lyon in France. It was just 4 and half hours on the bus. Now I face a four hour wait before the bus leaves London for Lyon. I am looking forward to finding a good camp ground, wild or not, and to meeting familiar faces at the grape picking. Grape picking is scheduled to egin on the 10th September. Rather a late start when compared to last year when the picking began on the 26th August. I will probably only be able to pck for a few days because I have to reach Oxford on the 16th September. Will see.
I have a mountain of luggage with me, but the weight will go down because there is a lot of food in my bags.
Catch you in Lyon.

Saturday 21st August,
Have reached Lyon by bus. Will now travel to Chamonix by train. Hopefully at the campsite in Argentiere by late this afternoon.

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