Saturday, 28 August 2010

STILL IN CHAMONIX & THINGS - 28th August 2010

I am still staying in Chamonix to no clear purpose except waiting. The weather has been poor last couple of days. Thank goodness for the Public Library in Chamonix which opens at 3:00pm each day except Sundays. Yesterday was the Northface Tour Du Mont Blanc Ultra Race beginning in town, 160kms. It started at 6:00pm last evening. This morning I learned that a landslip at some point had created an obstacle on the route and coupled with wet weather this caused the event to be suspended and then cancelled. It must be a bit demoralising to train for such a grand event and then to meet with a disappointing outcome.

I have received news of a letter at home. The letter comes from the family of a fellow called Godfrey Runyard with news of his sad death at the great age of 105. Mr Runyard was laterly of Hemet in California and orginally was from Dorset in the UK. His renown was the fact that he was deemed to be the oldest man alive to have personally known T E Lawrence or T E Shaw as he was then known. Mr Runyard actually helped to lay Lawrence in to his coffin after he died from his injuries in the motorcycle accident of May 1935. I corresponded briefly with Mr Runyard and his wife Cindy so I have a treasured letter, postcard and photos. I will write to Cindy at her new address when I get home from this trip.

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