Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I am staying at the Matterhorn Hostel in the town of Zermatt this day 29th July 2014.  It seems just as I remember it from my visit of 1999.  Another place where I am familiar and can rest my head.  I am staying at this hostel for these two nights at a cost of about 70 Swiss Francs for bed and breakfast for two nights.  It is spartan but has everything needed.

In 1999 I was on the Matterhorn attempting to climb the Hornli Ridge to the summit.  I went about two hours above the Hornli Refuge before retreating due to stone fall and bad visibility.

Here I am again.  The weather forecast is not great for solo mountain travelling.  There is a lot of fresh snow in the high mountains and intermittent rain fall also.  Will see what happens.

I took a flight from Manchester to Geneva.  I arrived in Switzerland late in the evening and found a secluded spot in the Arrivals Hall and settled down to what was a good nights sleep for an airport.  Up at 7 am and boarded a train on route to Brig with me getting off at the junction of Visp.  I think I may have spent unwisely by getting a Swiss Transfer ticket in the UK.  It cost 96 pounds.  Maybe it would have been cheaper to buy tickets locally.

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