Tuesday, 20 August 2013

MT TRIGLAV Summiteer


The other day I reached the summit of Mt Triglav.  Highest mountain in the Julian Alps of Slovenia.  It was a bit special for since it has been in my mind and on a tick list for 20 odd years.  I was in the area on Inter-rail in 1993 but it was too late in the season to go for such a demanding summit lacking in experience.  Mt Triglav 2850 mts above sea level.

I came here to Ljubljana via Easyjet from Stansted.  Met Jane and Al sitting across the aisle from me on the plane.  A notable coincidence.  I booked my first night at the International YH Tabor near to the main train station.  Before I arrived I didnt know where to go to get on the mountain trail and I asked at the info desk at the train station.

 I cant for the heck of me remember the name of the village where I alighted from the train.  There was a tourist office in the village and I got the Triglav Park map, 1:25,000.  Good map.

I walked the first few km to a low lying mountain hut / chalet.  Lodging in a dorm was 20 Euro.

Next day I walked 4 hours to the next hut, where I contemplated staying but after eating watery beef soup with noodles and have a can of beer for 4 Euros, I decided to push to the Planika refuge.  I expected it would be good to save a day.  It turned out not to be  necessary.  The hut was crowded and full and as expected I would be sleeping on the floor with a good number of others.  I bourght pasta and pancakes and a beer.  It is easier spending money on expensive food when you know the accomodation is free.  Some exuberant person played a boorish accordion most of the evening with confederates whooping noisily.  Sleep was at 9:45pm.  Good lessons for future expeds to mountain huts.  I expect, when the bed cost is 27 Euros, I will be sleeping on the floor in the future now.

Next morning, the 17th, I think, I carried my heavy pack on the summit trail.  Summit ridge is tricky.  Fixed wires and iron bars aide the way.  It felt dangerous to me because I was a little unstable due to the load on my back.  Reached summit at approx 8;30 am.  Stayed for 5 mins and asked some one to take my photo again the summit feature which is a silo shape with a conicle top.

My idea was to try and cross the mountains and reach Kranska Gora on foot.  I took a route which was designated on the map as having ´very difficult´ sections.  These sections were very exposed.  Lesson was that I would never take clients on such a route.  Well, maybe no more than five.  At time the fixed wires and steps lead to exposed drops of 50 ft and more. 

I was low on water.  The Julian alps are quite dry.  Punishing walk down a stoney path to Trenta where the road leads to Kranska Gora.  Hitched a lift to the crest of the pass.  Had a breakfast at a lodge, 5.5 Euro.  Then walked and hitched another lift to Gora from where I soon caught a bus back to Ljubljana and the Tabor Hostel.


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