Monday, 4 February 2013


Dear Friends,

I was attacked and robbed by two men on the outskirts of Kokstad in Natal Province on the night of the first of Feb at 10 pm.  I made the mistake of camping out too close to town.  The attack lasted 30 mins.  One of the robbers pinned me to the ground while the other rifled through my belongings and took many thinks.  Fortunatly they left my passport and a little money and the bike and some basic gear.  They had knives.  I tried to fight back but my efforts were useless.

I took the long distance bus to the shelter of Cape Town where I am staying at the Blue Mountain Backpackers on Long St.  I have rescheduled my flight to 6th Feb with Emirates.

Sorry to impart this bad news.  I will muddle through and get home in one piece or half in that is not possible.

Best Wishes


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  1. Hello Andrew I do hope you have recovered from this. I found your blog per chance online ....looking for links to TE Lawrence, was interested in any follow up to you post on Betty and the AKABA connection. my e-mail is Matt