Thursday, 31 January 2013


Dear Friends,

I crossed Lesotho as best I could by hitch hiking or travelling in the mini bus taxis.  Mini bus taxis expensive and you are crammed tight in with boxes and luggage and dismantled bicycle.   Lesotho is remote in the extreme and could have been the middle of Gobi or Patagonia.

I was able to visit Befole school to object of the charity African Support and Assistance Project.  But for the time being my report is for the Chairman's eyes only.

The bike is not running great.  I was given a significant problem when I received the bike from the airport.  The baggage people had broken my front break lever completely off so I only have a rear break.  I dont trust the rear wheel, there is play in it.  Also chain problem.  Hopefully I can nurse the heap  to Cape Town.  I mean the bike not me.

I have freshened up today in my first 'Backpackers'.  They have every thing.

Best Wishes


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